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Eliminating Loopholes to Keep the Contract Together

How can we accomplish this?  Real estate contracts require the hands of an experienced attorney that can help ensure that your sale closes. Our “secret”? Do all the leg work before you even show the property. We believe this is crucial to Prepare for a successful closing and Accelerate documentation to close contingency loopholes.

PrepareOur office can order title (at no additional cost to you), association documents (if applicable and to the extent available), and other deliveries, so we can:

  • Identify old mortgage that need to be released from prior owners or unrecorded deeds.
  • Ensure that the County does not list any unpaid prior year taxes.
  • Cure liens (i.e. contractor liens, IRS and State Tax liens, etc.).
  • Solve issues related to divorce, death / probate issues, bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Tender any required association documents to the buyer.
  • Provide lenders all necessary contact information the moment you have a buyer.

Accelerate – Providing the title commitment and contract required documents to the buyer’s attorney and lender early benefits you in the following ways:

  • Many attorneys condition approval of the contract on review of the title.
  • With title in hand, the underwriting approval is accelerated by as much as 10 days.
  • Full mortgage approval does not occur without the title.
  • Contingency to review association documents closes earlier – stopping the approval clock in the period where most buyers use this contingency as an exit to cancel.

If you require additional information about our office or the services we provide, please reach out to us at gbraun@myreallaw.com and/or 773-360-1032.